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As a student sports association we have a lot of different things to offer. Want to know what it means to be a member of Stoked Maastricht? Then read on!

Earth, Water & Snow

As a sports association, we are of course centered around a sport. In Stoked we focus on extreme sports. As this consists of many different things, the range of sports we support is wide in variety and always expanding. So far we have organized events incorporating Snowboarding, Skiing, Surfing, Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, Skateboarding, BMX and more are sure to follow!

Body & Mind

Next to these extreme sports we all love, we have our own Body & Mind workshop at UM Sports every week. This combination of yoga, pilates and much more is sure to keep you balanced and stressfree.


For all our members to use, we own Longboards, Skateboards, Ski's, Snowboards, Kites and even a brand new BMX, all perfect for trying out new things! Bonus: We also have GoPros to record it all!

Weekly Fun

Stoked is about more than just sports. Next to boarding, we organize a wide variety of fun activities every week. Next to the more special events like game nights and dinners, you can find us in the city every Tuesday, hanging out in our favourite bars and having a great time together.

Parties & More

In addition to our normal weekly program, we also have bigger events from time to time. These include theme parties, gala's and a traditionally Dutch Cantus. All with our own twist of course!

External Activities

As Stoked is a member driven association, we encourage everyone to bring in suggestions for trips and activities. This has resulted in Stoked going to various festivals and parties that we did not organize ourselves. Instead all interested members just got together and went there as a a big group.


Since the Netherlands does not have any mountains to conquer, we try organize around two Snowtrips every year. These multiple-day outings to places that do have snow and land above sea-level are considered to be the pinnacle of your Stoked year.


As Maastricht does not have a beach, surfers generally have a hard time practicing their sport. Therefore, we also go on at least one (Kite)Surftrip every year. Just like the Snowtrips, these are times a lot of members look forward to.


The extend of Stoked's travelling habits is not limited to these few weeks in the year. In addition, we sometimes take a day to all visit a place closer by to do what we like most: boarding and having fun.


To prevent our members from spending a fortune every time they want to hit the slopes, we made a deal with Snowworld Landgraaf. Stoked members (up to four at a time) get a huge discount and two of them even free gear! The best thing is: the more people go, the better the deals get.


Just over the border, in Belgium lies Terhills Cablepark. Here Stoked members also receive free gear and an amazing discount. Go there for some Wakeboarding or just a chill time on their beautiful beach.


We also have our own webshop and a discount with a driving school, but we are always looking for more collaborations. Interested or know someone who could be? Let us know!


Sports Council MUSST (Maastricht Universiteit Studenten Sport Stichting) is the coordinating body for all Student Sport Associations (SSAs) in Maastricht and is governed by students for students. The council aims to promote the practice of sports by students from Maastricht University & Zuyd Hogeschool.


Our members exist of all kinds of students studying in Maastricht. All with different names, ages, skill levels and backgrounds, but united by a common interest in the extreme sports and/or the community around it.


To help running the association we have seven crews that work year-round by organizing activities and more. We have the Activity crew, External crew, Party Crew, PR Crew, Skate Crew, Snow Crew and Surf Crew.


The Standard membership grants access to all Stoked has to offer. For a full year you can join all activities and trips we organize and make use of the deals and materials we offer.

This membership will cost 40 EUR per year and is automatically renewed every academic year. In addition, to join a student sports association you would need to have the UM Sports 'sports' membership.


The Half-year membership is basically the same as the Standard membership, except for the fact that instead of one full year, you will be a member for one semester only. Perfect for if you're going exchange for half a year!

This membership will cost 25 EUR for half a year and will afterwards automatically be turned into a Standard membership. You still need the UM Sports 'sports' membership, but only for the semester that you are a member of Stoked.


The Alumni membership is for people who are no longer a member of Stoked, but still want to support the association. With this membership you can still participate in some of the things we offer and you can continue be a part of our community.

This membership will only cost 10 EUR per year and is automatically renewed every academic year. For this membership you do not need any UM Sports membership to join.

Signing Up

Stoked takes in new members twice a year, at the beginning of every semester. As long as there is place, everyone is able to join. Find us during one of the many promotional activities Maastricht has to offer or send an email to secretary@stokedmaastricht.com.

UM Sports

As a sports association, Stoked is a part of UM Sports. Which means that in order to join, you would need to get a UM Sports Card with at least the 'Sports' membership. For more info about this, visit their website.

Come Visit

Are you interested in Stoked, but want to experience it first? Send us an email and maybe we can work something out! Join us for a nice dinner plus night out or a chill session at the Stadspark.

A Few Words About Us

We've been Functioning For About 0 Years

Founded by two students who thought the student sport scene in Maastricht was missing something, Stoked started out as a big group of friends, but quickly grew to become one of the biggest student sports associations in Maastricht.

While at first only supporting Snowboarding, Skiing, Surfing and Skating, new sports are incorporated in our association as every member brings their own interests to the group. These additions include Wakeboarding, Kitesurfing, BMX and more are sure to follow.

Now still, the association is getting bigger. With students from a wide variety of backgrounds participating in our activities and trips. All united by a shared love for extreme sports.

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Are you interested and want to learn more? Or do you have a great idea for an event or a new way to improve Stoked? Contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have.


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