In order to become a member, you are required to subscribe and have an UM Sports membership. A Stoked membership costs €40 for one year, which includes all social activities (cantus, drinks, dinners, galas etc..), yoga classes, free access to our materials and the opportunity to join our trips. Besides this, you can also get discounts at various board sport events.

The UM sports membership is mandatory in order to join us. This is because we are a student sport association and therefore connected to Maastricht University. The UM Sports-card can be bought at the UM Sports Centre in Maastricht or online (only for students in UM) via the online webshop. The prices of the memberships can be found here.

In case you are still doubting please contact use via an email to to get in contact with the board so they can give you an answer to all the questions you still have.